The BU Dems Invade Taunton

Freshman Representative Emily Prescott recaps the BU Dems’ weekend of door knocking at the 2012 CDM Campaign Invasion in Taunton.

by Emily Prescott

On the morning of September 22nd, 7 fearless members of the BU Dems woke up early, grabbed coffee at their respective café favorites, and hiked over to Tufts before embarking on a bus with Harvard and Emerson. So began a weekend of door knocking for democracy, as we were on our way to the CDM Taunton campaign invasion.

The event’s itinerary included lunch at home base, a brief training session in the fine art of canvassing, and an address from Massachusetts state senator, Mark Pacheco, as well as local candidate Sharry Costa Hanlon. We jumped into volunteer cars (it was a very transportation focused weekend) and set off to canvass.

After knocking on doors and ringing doorbells for a few hours, we headed to the hotel where this year’s Fearless Freshman had an opportunity to bond over our experiences of the day and conveniently similar political beliefs. The next day ushered in phase two of canvassing and a bus ride back to Harvard Square where we were given the chance to hang out with the Harvard democrats.

Going to Taunton was an immensely rewarding and exciting opportunity. It was many of our first
experiences with canvassing and it was great to become involved in something so close to the
community. Personally, I loved being able to really talk to people in Massachusetts about something I
care about with students from other schools around the Commonwealth.

Overall, Taunton was a great experience and we’re all riled up and ready to go for future canvassing


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